Andrea Mete

born in Rome in 1985, has been a voice actor all his life. He constantly travels both interiorly and exteriorly around things and thoughts, always with a suitcase packed, ready for his next voyage. His search ends in the eyes of the people he meets, never trying to chase the virtuosity of the digital age, he is “satisfied” to grasp the pure and simple reality as one sees it. He finds nourishment in the crooked smile, the eloquent wrinkles, the cold metal found in airports, the warm folds of skin, the sweat of labour, the not always innocent gaze of children. He exhibits his works where his heart takes him, in Rome in 2008 for “TANDEM”, a dual project with his friend Andrea Ambrogio, then in New York in 2011 at the prestigious “Chelsea Art Museum” where he presents “YOUNG EYES” – his personal interpretation of Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”, a significant step in his journey which after various exhibitions in Milan and Rome brings him at the Hoffman Saal of Berlin in 2012.


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