24 February 2018 - 4 April 2018

visione intro


28 Piazza di Pietra presents the exhibition Visione, a solo show by German artist Zeitwille, from 23rd February to 4th April 2018.

After realising a growing number of exhibitions and art projects throughout Europe and Central Africa over the past 6 years, Zeitwille has currently chosen Rome, for his life and work. The eternal city has provided him with new inspirations, new visions – originating from the world around us: its beings, its archetypes, and its symbols. These new inspirations have been shared with the public through exhibitions in MACRO, Sant’Eustachio il Caffè, and during Rome Art Week. The ‘Arte Da Rubare’ movement that the artist has co-funded focused on interventions in the urban landscape.

For Zeitwille the most simple models are the most powerful ones because the eye that looks at them is always different: “By painting the same subjects over and over again I want to show that each one of us perceives reality differently in changing situations. My paintings are never clear in their form because I want to leave room for the imagination and interpretation of the observer“.
Vision or "vision"? The first is scientifically understood as the ability of the eye to perceive fine details of an object. The second, to the opposite, as a manifestation of a perception in the absence of an object or being – an illusion – something that is not there but created by the mind who is able to look and look again.

These visions will be displayed through more than twenty artworks of various dimensions and mixed materials including acrylic, spray and oil paint but also gold leaf and textiles – all on canvas or cardboard canvas. In addition to these main artworks, the artist will unveil a series of limited edition prints created in collaboration with the Roman artist and print-maker Vacuum.
The vernissage on Friday 23 February opens the path to an ongoing exhibition that will invite the public to a series of special events presenting the artist´s ongoing projects outside and inside of Rome.

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