YICCA - International Contest of Contemporary Art


Final exhibition
Opening: Saturday 14 January 2023 h18:00
Opening days: 14-27 January 2023


The exhibition presents works by 18 international artists: Andrea Bettancini - Italy, Andrea Simone Peruzzo - Italy, Claralucia Sarmiento - France, Diego Randazzo - Italy, Doi Coimbra - Italy, Edina Soós - Hungary, Fabrizio Pedrali - Italy, Hannes Köcher - Austria, HeeJung Han - South Korea, Ilaria Franza - Italy, Jenifher Barbuto - Italy, Khatuna Dvali - United States of America, Klaudia Szot - Poland, Luca Di Bartolo - Italy, Masha Adamova - Cyprus, Matthias Lück - Germany, Thomas Schlereth - Germany, Yi Sun - China.

Each artist, through different mediums, investigates the multi-facet perspectives and shades of the human being, displaying new innovative concepts. The works of the various artists included in this exhibition resonate with major contemporary cultural, economic and political realities experienced as part of everyday lives and across the globe.

Andrea Bettancini
Andrea Simone Peruzzo
Claralucia Sarmiento
Diego Randazzo
Doi Coimbra
Edina Soos
Fabrizio Pedrali2
Hannes Kocher
HeeJung Han
Ilaria Franza
Jenifher Barbuto
Khatuna Dvali
Klaudia Szot
Luca Di Bartolo
Masha Adamova
Matthias Luck
Thomas Schlereth
Yi Sun

This exhibition traces the emergent contemporary art’s current trends, spanning different generations, their practices traversing the disciplines of contemporary artistic creation.

Francesca Anfosso
Sarah Palermo
Jon Gorospe

Massimo Toffolo
Margherita Jedrzejewska

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